A gril in the rain

A girl in the Rain
She was standing in the rain,
She held a white umbrella in her hand.
She was protected from the rain,
It bounced off the umbrella and fell to the ground.
But she was exposed to everything else,
To the wind and cold that embraced her.
She was exposed to eyes,
They were looking at her face.
Even though she was protected from the rain it was wet,
Tears were streaming down her cheeks.
No one knew why,
But still no one cared to ask.
She’s just a girl in the rain,
No one looks twice.
She’s just another girl with problems,
Everyone has them.
So people walk by,
No one wants to be involved.
They don’t want trouble,
They just continue with their normal life.
So she is left there alone,
Alone in the rain.

In her mind she hears voices,
They are telling her different things.
But one voice was louder than the others,
It was screaming.
It wanted vengeance,
It said the word Vendetta.
So she started to walk again,
She walked back the way she had come.
Towards the man who ruined her soul,
The reason for the tears on her cheeks.
When she saw the side of his face she didn’t think twice,
The red mass was streaming after the swing of her blade.
It was so quick so he didn’t see her face,
But he heard her voice over the rain.
It was filled with pain but still it had a hint of satisfaction.
She spoke before she let him fall to the ground,
She wanted him to know why he was dying.
“You ripped my soul to pieces, so now I’m taking yours to pay for your crimes”
She walked away and left him on the ground.
A girl in the rain disappeared and was never found.

(Jag skrev den här dikten till engelskan)


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