En random liten dikt/text som jag kom på precis som sammanfattar lite hur mitt självförtroende har varit

If you tell me I'm stupid I would tell you "you're right"
If you tell me I'm ugly, agree with you I might
If you tell me over and over that I'm not good enough I wouldn't even put up a fight
If you tell me I'm smart I would hesitate
If you tell me I'm beautiful I would laugh
If you tell me over and over that I'm good enough I wouldn't believe your words

Ja ungefär såhär brukade jag känna, när någon sa något bra eller berömde mig så trodde jag dom skämtade, men det dåliga självförtroendet försvinner mer och mer och den här dikten passar egentligen inte in längre men det är lite som en påmminelse om hur jag brukade vara.
Att veta att detta brukade va jag gör att jag är oerhört glad att den tiden är över men ändå en påmminelse om att utan den skulle jag inte vara som jag är nu.
Värsta sentimentalt inlägg men skit samma


Everyone is telling me to be myself
But I've been myself for so many years
All the friends I've had has left me,
And I don't know them anymore

So why be me when I feel so alone?
Why be me when I spend my nights crying?

I'm only happy when in my dreams
Where everything works out for me
I know life is hard,
 But I can't stand it so far

I'm afraid to die and I'm afraid to live
I'm stuck in a place where I don't excist

But now I put on my mask
Ignore my feelings so I can live somewhat of a life
My life is empty and I accept it
So I keep on living and dreaming for something that can change it

Vilken ska jag lämna in?

I förra inlägget la jag in dikten jag skrev för engelskan men jag skrev en precis och jag vet inte vilken jag ska lämna in.....

Easy way out
Sometimes I wish the clock could stop,
Cause when I look around I see how the world is falling apart.
You can hear the people screaming in their homes,
Their screams are a desperate cry for hope.
So many people have problems to big to handle,
So they look for a way out.
For many that choice is ending everything,
So they leave the world thinking they will leave nothing behind.
But when their gone people show emotion,
They show that their love was always there.
So they cry over the emptiness,
They didn’t know that the person’s pain was so strong.
They try to find forgiveness for what they caused.
But they will always live with the fact,
A person died in vein because no one cared to react.
There is no easy way out.

A gril in the rain

A girl in the Rain
She was standing in the rain,
She held a white umbrella in her hand.
She was protected from the rain,
It bounced off the umbrella and fell to the ground.
But she was exposed to everything else,
To the wind and cold that embraced her.
She was exposed to eyes,
They were looking at her face.
Even though she was protected from the rain it was wet,
Tears were streaming down her cheeks.
No one knew why,
But still no one cared to ask.
She’s just a girl in the rain,
No one looks twice.
She’s just another girl with problems,
Everyone has them.
So people walk by,
No one wants to be involved.
They don’t want trouble,
They just continue with their normal life.
So she is left there alone,
Alone in the rain.

In her mind she hears voices,
They are telling her different things.
But one voice was louder than the others,
It was screaming.
It wanted vengeance,
It said the word Vendetta.
So she started to walk again,
She walked back the way she had come.
Towards the man who ruined her soul,
The reason for the tears on her cheeks.
When she saw the side of his face she didn’t think twice,
The red mass was streaming after the swing of her blade.
It was so quick so he didn’t see her face,
But he heard her voice over the rain.
It was filled with pain but still it had a hint of satisfaction.
She spoke before she let him fall to the ground,
She wanted him to know why he was dying.
“You ripped my soul to pieces, so now I’m taking yours to pay for your crimes”
She walked away and left him on the ground.
A girl in the rain disappeared and was never found.

(Jag skrev den här dikten till engelskan)

Scream of hope

Everything has gone black and the world is close to an end
Many have given up and embraced destruction that will come 

But somewhere in the distance a scream breaks the eternal silence
It shatters the plans of destruction and life is waking up 

The scream resurrects lost dreams and lost hope
Soon a light is rising in the horizon

The light is washing away the fear that had taken over
And soon all life will grow again

The sudden change brings hope to the lost souls
And they too scream for their salvation 

Soon everything is filled with the voices of the lost and forgotten
It was the scream of hope that had waken them up

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