Vilken ska jag lämna in?

I förra inlägget la jag in dikten jag skrev för engelskan men jag skrev en precis och jag vet inte vilken jag ska lämna in.....

Easy way out
Sometimes I wish the clock could stop,
Cause when I look around I see how the world is falling apart.
You can hear the people screaming in their homes,
Their screams are a desperate cry for hope.
So many people have problems to big to handle,
So they look for a way out.
For many that choice is ending everything,
So they leave the world thinking they will leave nothing behind.
But when their gone people show emotion,
They show that their love was always there.
So they cry over the emptiness,
They didn’t know that the person’s pain was so strong.
They try to find forgiveness for what they caused.
But they will always live with the fact,
A person died in vein because no one cared to react.
There is no easy way out.


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